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GEX Academy’s events are both diverse and immersive, a space where years of profound expertise is imparted to our participants through dedicated mentorship and leadership, creating a community of active invest-preneurs equipped to grow wealth and impact lives.

Mencius Advanced Property Investment Course


Our team believes disruptive innovation is the key to investment success. With over 100 combined years of experience in global real estate investment and global capital markets, we focus on propelling our students to become astute property investors and help business owners to scale their start-up to become publicly traded companies.

Whether you are looking to invest in your first property, starting up, growing or going global, our leading team of experts at GEX Academy are organised to serve you well.

Business Consultation

Formulating global capital market strategies for entrepreneurs, to raise capital and to grow from start-ups to publicly traded companies.

Property Investment

Learn expert strategies and knowledge that can be applied easily to make exceptional profits securely and sustainably through property investment globally.

Exclusive Masterclass

Be mentored by the greatest minds in their crafts, learn from Dr. Patrick Liew and all 10+ other experts.
Patrick Liew


Dr. Patrick Liew is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors. He has helped to take three companies public in Singapore, Australia, and the USA.

He is a founder of Success Resources, arguably the largest personal development seminar company in the world and a major shareholder of a publicly-listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Previously, he was the CEO and Chairman of one of the largest local property companies (currently known as 3Cnergy Ltd), a publicly-listed property company on Singapore Exchange (SGX-ST).

He has won numerous awards including the Global Leader Award, Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award, and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Social Contributions.

Building A #WorldOfGood

More so than in any period of the past, the world is transforming at a rapid pace. What was unthinkable today will be ubiquitous tomorrow. We are convinced that education is your best weapon to tackle disruption head-on. Our expert practitioner-led events and courses are designed to equip you with the agility, strategy and skills for the new economy.

Students trained and mentored across the region

Our Journey

A compelling growth story. A strong community. A rapidly advancing pipeline. All this and more defined our first five years, but the journey is just beginning.
E50, Champion of Good, Shareinvestor Award

Global Real Estate Investment

An educational seminar to help average investors learn how to invest in overseas properties safely and profitably.

Global Business & Funding

Equipping entrepreneurs and business owners with cutting-edge, executable solutions to achieve sustainable growth; from start-ups to publicly traded companies.


Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what they are saying about our mentorship programmes.

Dive Into Community

As serial entrepreneurs and investors ourselves, we know that you face challenging choices everyday with imperfect information. In our experience, the best solution is to immerse yourself in like-minded community. We’re not just interested in networking, we’re obsessed with building relationships. Our events are intimate experiences populated with your future mentors, partners, co-investors, collaborators and friends.

Read What Our Students Are Saying

Tan Keng Tong

I took up the course to empower myself as I am interested in property investments. The course has opened up my mind to the various method of property investments which I was not aware of before.

Dr – Liew is truly a world class speaker with real life experiences and someone who walked the talk. I can feel that Dr – Liew is full of passion when it comes to properties and he really has keen senses for many classes of investments opportunities .

Luong Bang Giang

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Patrick Liew for sharing with us his strategies and real life experiences in property investment during the last two days. I would also want to thank his team for their efforts to bring this course to us.

Eric Ten

The inspirational stories shared have caused us to rethink some things. We are now looking to be financially free within 3 years & to be “re-fired” thereafter.

Alvin Lim

Hope that we could all have leads of wonderful deals together. Coming together is a good way to have better investement power and bargaining power. Thank you, Dr. Liew and MAPIC team for creating this platform to learn more and to gather all of us with the same mindset.

Albert Anto

Like many of you, I am so happy and glad to have made the decision to attend the session last weekend.

The last two days have been highly enlightening . What I saw was a roomful of passionate and like -minded people, learning ways and means to stand on our feet. I am so excited to have found a “Guru” in Dr. Patrick Liew and together with his disciples, the MAPIC team, and fellow aspirants confident of exceeding the set goal.

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