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Taking your company from private to public

Taking your company from private to public A step-by-step guide to prepare for IPO When social media giant Facebook listed in May 2012, it was one of the most anticipated IPOs at that time. Fast forward to today, one of the much-hyped IPOs is Singapore’s Grab. The ride-hailing and food  delivery giant is targeting to… Continue reading Taking your company from private to public

Tan Hong Zhi, Undergraduate & Investor

“After attending this course, I learned how to find audiences which I never knew could be found this way. A big kudos to Tom (course instructor) for simplifying the content and making it so understandable and interactive. (He) provided us with many platforms and tools that actually helped me to have a quick start to… Continue reading Tan Hong Zhi, Undergraduate & Investor

Leon Tin Boon

“I believe that I am now equipped with the necessary skill sets to reach the global market, all thanks to the continuous support I have received from GEXAcademy. Today, I am providing freelance digital solutions to my clients from all over the world. Digital marketing is the most important skill set in today’s fast changing… Continue reading Leon Tin Boon

Chris Soh, CEO, Supersmooth

“This course gave a lot of insights on how to raise capital and how to sharpen my business model. It doesn’t just stop when the class ends. The team is in constant communication with me, to find out what I’m up to. I would recommend this for anyone on the spectrum of entrepreneurship.”

WSQ Shopify E-Commerce Masterclass

Shopify is an easy way for any business in any industry to create a quick web presence with ease and minimal maintenance. This 2-day intensive practical course will cover the fundamentals of setting up an e-store, including designing the user journey, uploading products, creating an enticing storefront, and selecting shipping methods. It will also provide… Continue reading WSQ Shopify E-Commerce Masterclass

Mencius Advanced Property Investment Course (MAPIC)

Learn how to capitalise on opportunities and zoom in on the best property gems to make prudent investments with profitable returns.