Author: Kim SIong Chong

WSQ Digital Marketing Advertising & Analytics

Digital marketing advertising helps entrepreneurs and companies market their products/services online and keep the business future proof. It is crucial the evolving digital marketing channels space for your business, and how it affects your brand. Unlike conventional forms of marketing, digital marketing is unique in its capacity on the scope of your marketing reach and… Continue reading WSQ Digital Marketing Advertising & Analytics

WSQ Inbound Marketing (TikTok) Masterclass

Our WSQ Inbound Marketing (TikTok) Masterclass is focus on the basic knowledge to implement integrated inbound marketing strategies to attract prospects, manage the content creation and curation processes and review effectiveness of inbound marketing strategy implementation.

WSQ Building Positive Customer Experience & Relationship Management

When you provide great customer service, you utilize best practices, such as respecting customers’ time and having a pleasant attitude, as well as offering knowledgeable and helpful resources, but you also go above and beyond to exceed customers’ expectations.

Christie Wong

“Everybody is like a family here in GEX Academy. The trainers really teach from their heart by hand holding you in your learning journey. Thanks to GEX Academy, I can now do digital marketing!”

WSQ Business Negotiation for Results

Negotiation underpins success in business and in life. This course imparts valuable skills that help you negotiate effectively and reach agreements in conflicting situations. Learn critical negotiation techniques and how to build a solid plan to get the outcome you desire.

WSQ Search Engine Optimisation Masterclass

A prominent digital visibility and searchability will help ensure that your business is seen by the right people. Our masterclass will delve deep into search strategies and optimisation techniques, such as keyword research, website structure, content creation, and SEO for social media. You will also learn how to design digital marketing strategies to follow through… Continue reading WSQ Search Engine Optimisation Masterclass

WSQ Social Media Sales Robot (Facebook Marketing)

Discover how to utilise social media to monetise and drive sales for your business. Learn how to engage new prospects and optimise the consumer journey with digital marketing strategies and mechanics.

Christie Wong

“The team in GEX Academy really treats all of us like family members and (will) hold your hand and walk you through the journey. You will not feel left out…I managed to pick the most important points and upgrade myself.”