Mencius Advanced Property Investment Course (MAPIC)

There are tremendous amount of opportunities in the property market. Be it good or bad times, there will always be ways to make millions in real estate investments.

In fact, many millionaires became millionaires because of real estate investments. They have been able to apply the right strategies to capitalise on property gems and they can do it at any point in the economic or property cycle.

The Mencius Advanced Property Investment Course (MAPIC) is a comprehensive, balanced, and a highly practical programme to help you join this exclusive group of real estate millionaires.

It is designed to teach you how to fish. In other words, you will learn how to exploit opportunities anywhere, at any time, and in many different ways. In addition, using tried and tested methods, it will help you uncover property gems to put you on the path to become rich and wealthy.



1. To help you achieve financial freedom through property investment;

2. To provide you strategies and steps that you can apply to enjoy optimal returns on investment;

3. To lay the foundation to help you become a real expert and achieve sustainable success.


Benefits – You will learn:

1. The Bullseye Model to help you accelerate your path to be a real estate millionaire;

2. The 3 practical steps to develop your financial Reticular Activating System (RAS) and help you ‘smell’ the millions in the property market;

3. The 3 accessible types of property gems you can find at any point in the property cycle to help you become rich and wealthy;

4. The 10 tried and tested ways to mine the ‘Gold’ in the property market;

5. The 7 ultimate strategies to generate massive real estate profits;

6. The 12 cutting-edge tactics to sell your properties at the highest possible price;

7. The 6 killer-methods to capitalise on different instruments of investment to achieve financial success;

8. The 5 proven categories of overseas properties to make millions;

9. The 5 actionable initiatives to buy properties with no money down;

10. The 4 clinically-tested Behavioural Patterns to attract property buyers and sellers to you and they may even throw $$$ at you.


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