Today, the best real estate investment opportunities are outside of  Singapore.

However there are many questions and problems most people face when looking to invest in overseas properties.

This educational seminar attempts to answer most of these questions and problems to help everyday investors invest in overseas properties safely and profitably.

Not only that, did you also know that the cash outlay required for investing in overseas properties is much lower as compared to investing in Singapore properties?

You can start investing in overseas properties for as low as S$100k…

Also, the rental yields and projected capital gains in good areas may be higher as compared to Singapore properties.

Tap into the mind of property investment expert Dr. Patrick Liew in this upcoming exclusive 3 hours seminar to learn expert strategies and knowledge that can be applied easily to make exceptional profits securely and sustainably.



Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • How to determine which countries to invest in and why.
  • How to own top grade overseas properties for as low as $150k
  • How to gain full protection, despite the different rules and regulations in different countries.
  • How to assess developers and hire reliable property management services.
  • How to find undervalued and high-profit potential properties.
  • How to avoid common mistakes (especially for novice investors).
  • What are “megatrends” and “microsegments”?
  • Identify the best types of properties (commercial, residential, industrial) to invest in.
  • How to navigate stamp duties, taxes and other financial related issues.

and much more…


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