Zainal Abas 

Zainal Abas started developing his negotiating skills when he started his career in sales in 1994. Born into a family of 5 siblings and being the 2nd child, he was left to his own device most of the time, and that allowed him to harness his communication and negotiation skills through his interaction with adults and… Continue reading Zainal Abas 

Tom Chang

Tom has successfully directed marketing, customer acquisition and content development strategies that have achieved 7-figure revenues for one of the fastest growing, multi-award-winning companies in Singapore. As a certified digital marketing trainer and practitioner, Tom is passionate in helping both GEX internal and external clientele build and develop marketing capabilities that align with the digital… Continue reading Tom Chang

David Chan

David Chan has 10 years in IT support handling network consultation. Certified as Redhat Linux Administrator He is ACLP certified with 8 years of training experience in Digital Marketing. Lead training for C-level learners, digital media agency and individual learners. He is also Certified in Google Ads, Google Analytics and Web Analytics, Japan (Master Lvl)

Dr. Candice Goh

Dr. Candice helps her clients to maximise their true potential, so that they can define their life purpose, turn their passion to profit, and have freedom to live their dreams. Dr. Candice is a Gallup certified coach. She has served students, young adults, corporate executives, CEOS, business owners, company directors and others through group workshops and one-on-… Continue reading Dr. Candice Goh