Category: E-Commerce

Take advantage of the e-commerce revolution by mastering platform knowledge and skills to sell better and faster online.

WSQ Website Development (WordPress) Essential

This course aims to equip the learners with the knowledge and ability to use WordPress to build a fully functioning website.

WSQ Introduction to E-commerce

The WSQ Introduction to E-Commerce will train learners to understand about E-Commerce and the different business models currently available in the market. This course will also close the knowledge gap in the learners’ ability to design, formulate and launch online marketing campaigns and techniques, with optimization means and methods.

WSQ Shopify E-Commerce Masterclass

Shopify is an easy way for any business in any industry to create a quick web presence with ease and minimal maintenance. This 2-day intensive practical course will cover the fundamentals of setting up an e-store, including designing the user journey, uploading products, creating an enticing storefront, and selecting shipping methods. It will also provide… Continue reading WSQ Shopify E-Commerce Masterclass

WSQ Affiliate Marketing Essential

Learn how to utilise affiliate marketing strategies to market and sell products at a low cost, driving higher performance and success for your business.