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    Richard Ng

    How one man became a mid-career entrepreneur through digital marketing

    Working in the semiconductor manufacturing industry for most of his life, Richard never expected that he would become an entrepreneur in middle-age. But after enrolling in GEX Academy’s Social Media Sales Robot course, Richard benefitted so much from the course that he decided to start his own digital marketing agency.

    Richard decided to take the step to upskill and switch fields after he was retrenched from his job due to the digitisation of the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

    Realising that he had to upskill and prevent himself from being further disrupted and displaced by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Digital Age, Richard resolved to work on and equip himself with the necessary digital skill sets to survive in our new digital future – that was when he came across the WSQ Social Media Sales Robot course at GEX Academy.

    He had found out about the course through a Facebook ad[1] . Aside from this course, Richard also attended other courses by GEX Academy such as Affiliated Marketing Essentials[2] . Being sufficiently equipped, Richard wanted to pay this newfound knowledge forward.

    “I want to fulfill my purpose of adding value to somebody out there who is looking for effective online marketing solutions just like how GEX Academy has added value to me over the years.”

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    Digital marketing course

    And pay it forward he did. In 2020, just months after completing the course with GEX Academy, Richard set up his own digital marketing agency in a bid to help clients and help fellow aspiring digital marketers who want to get their foot in the industry, just like he did.

    If you asked him a few years back if he had imagined being a middle-aged entrepreneur starting his own business, and in digital marketing no less, Richard might have laughed it off.

    But after going through retrenchment and pivoting into a new field and industry, Richard is convinced that fellow mid-career individuals can also make that jump like he did.

    “We should be prepared for situations that may happen unexpectedly,” he advised.

    “Taking courses that can equip us to become self-reliant is extremely important.”

    Entrepreneur journey

    Besides being equipped with essential digital marketing skills, Richard also credits the course for being instrumental in helping him make the transition from employee to entrepreneur and from the semiconductor industry to social media marketing.

    “The course gave me the confidence and ability to achieve my goal of becoming an effective digital entrepreneur,” he said.

    He also added that the GEX Academy was pivotal in his decision and next steps, especially as a mid-career professional stepping out as an entrepreneur for the first time. Knowing that he had instructors and a community that he could depend on at GEX Academy, Richard said confidently:

    “It was like holding a compass (and) sprinting in the right direction!”

    If you’re a mid-career individual wondering if you should take that step into the world of social media and digital marketing, you’re in the right place. Speak with us and find out more about courses like the GEX Academy’s WSQ Social Media Sales Robot Course to get started on your journey today.

    GEX Academy is an Approved Training Provider (TP) accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Skills Framework and an Approved and Accredited Teaching & Examination Centre for IPMA | UEN Reg. No.: 201529371H

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Richard Ng
Assoicate Core Trainer

Richard is an Approved Shopify Partner, an SEO practitioner, and a certified Google professional with accreditation in the Google Analytics Individual Qualification. He is certified in ICDL Digital Marketing and is an accredited tester with ICDL Asia.

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