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WSQ Integrated Branding & Digital Marketing Strategy

Formulating a digital marketing strategy will help companies to make informed decisions about foray into the digital marketing arena, and ensure that marketing efforts are focused on the elements of digital marketing that are most relevant to their unique business. It is also a crucial first step towards understanding how the constantly evolving digital marketplace… Continue reading WSQ Integrated Branding & Digital Marketing Strategy

WSQ Website Development (WordPress) Essential

This course aims to equip the learners with the knowledge and ability to use WordPress to build a fully functioning website.

How to Turn Disruption into Opportunity

How to scale your business successfully during a crisis The Chinese word for crisis is written with two brush strokes. One stands for danger, the other for opportunity. While the Covid-19 pandemic has been the crisis of a generation, Singapore’s Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing said in October 2020 that it could also… Continue reading How to Turn Disruption into Opportunity

A Guide to Negotiating Your Way to Success

How to get more out of work and life with effective business negotiation Ever wanted a pay raise but felt hesitant to ask for it? Are you a business owner trying to win over employees or customers? Maybe you find yourself in scenarios where you say “yes” to a request, when you really mean “no”?… Continue reading A Guide to Negotiating Your Way to Success

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WSQ Introduction to E-commerce

The WSQ Introduction to E-Commerce will train learners to understand about E-Commerce and the different business models currently available in the market. This course will also close the knowledge gap in the learners’ ability to design, formulate and launch online marketing campaigns and techniques, with optimization means and methods.

Anne Hoh

“The team was so helpful to ensure I fully master the fundamentals and put what I have learnt into actions. Today, I am a proud owner of a successful e-commerce online business and I strongly encourage everyone who’s looking to upskill themselves to take the next step forward in this community!”

Christie Wong

“Everybody is like a family here in GEX Academy. The trainers really teach from their heart by hand holding you in your learning journey. Thanks to GEX Academy, I can now do digital marketing!”

Tan Hong Zhi, Undergraduate & Investor

“After attending this course, I learned how to find audiences which I never knew could be found this way. A big kudos to Tom (course instructor) for simplifying the content and making it so understandable and interactive. (He) provided us with many platforms and tools that actually helped me to have a quick start to… Continue reading Tan Hong Zhi, Undergraduate & Investor

Teressa, Investor

“Dr. Patrick (course mentor) has been very transparent in sharing his strategies that have been tried and tested by him personally. Apart from property investment, he also guides us in the path of financial freedom. I am sure this community is going to grow worldwide.”